(Nostalgia & Lancer only)

Blank, No gauge holes C058-BB337

5 hole, VW speedometer C058-BB338

6 hole, VDO gauges C058-BB339

(Genesis only)

Blank C058-BB317



There are many options for gauges.  The simplest is to use the speedometer/gauge assembly from your donor car.  The downside to that is that this unit is not available new, therefore you must rely on a used unit.  The drive mechanism is a speedometer cable which is driven by the left front hubcap.


(There are 3 parts required)

1949 Through 1965

Grease cap (1949 thru 1965) C018-PP111405691                         

Speedo cable (1958 thru 1965) C012-PP111957801J

Cable clip (all years) C012-PPN124342

1966 Through 1977

Grease cap (1966 thru 1977) C018-PP111405691B

Speedo cable (1966 thru 1977) C012-PP111957801K

Cable clip (all years) C012-PPN124342


(used in dash #C058-BB339)

Speedometer (electric) C008-EMV437050

Speedometer cable conversion C001-EM16-9290

Oil pressure C008-EMV350040

Oil pressure sender C008-EM360-009

Cyl. Head temp C008-EM310-901

Volt gauge C008-EMV332041

Fuel gauge C008-EMV301015

Fuel tank sender C030-EMV226001

Tachometer C008-EMV333051


(use in dash C058-BB337 or C058-BB338)

Oil pressure C008-EMV350040

Oil pressure sender C008-EM360-009

Cyl. Head temp C008-EM310-901

Volt gauge C008-EMV332041

Fuel gauge C008-EMV301015

Fuel tank sender C030-EMV226001

Auto Meter Speedometer (5” dia.) C008-MS1489

Auto Meter Speedometer (3 3/8” dia.) C008-MS1480

GPS unit  C058-MS5289


(There is a wide variety of seats which can be used. 
We have listed the most economical)

Lowered seat tracks bolt to frame and seat bolts onto tracks.
Designed specifically for dune buggies to give the correct seating height.



Poly seat, black—C008-ATSUM-G1100

Poly seat, red---C008-ATSUM-G1100B

Poly seat, blue---C008-ATSUM-G1100C


Seat Covers

Seat cover, black—C008-ATSUM-G1111

Seat cover, red/black—C008-ATSUM-G1111B

Seat cover, blue/black—C008-ATSUM-G1111C

Seat cover, yellow/black—C008-ATSUM-G1111F


(Use the pieces from the listed kit)

Front kit - C008-EM3073

Rear kit - C008-EM3075