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Featured Products

  • Search Feature

    With over 4,000 products in our online store, finding the great products you want can be a challenge. Please visit the search bar at the top of the site to help you narrow you search down. You are able to search via keyword, price range, date added, and even category. Keywords may be separated by AND and/or OR statements for greater control of the search results. For example, Berrien AND wheel would generate a result set that contain both words. However, for mouse OR keyboard, the result set returned would contain both or either words. Exact matches can be searched for by enclosing keywords in double-quotes. For example, “bubble pod“ would generate a result set which match the exact string. Brackets can be used for further control on the result set. For example, Berrien and (wheel or rim or “tire”).

  • Pricing & Availability

    All orders are picked and billed by hand. You will be notified of any price or stocking issues when payment is requested. Freight and tax will also be added at this time. Orders placed online are not automically processed and shipped. We do not accept online payment. We will accept check or credit card via fax/phone once your order has been processed. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors on the website.

  • Returns & Exchanges

    We accept returns for thirty (30) days after original date of purchase with original packaging. There is a 20% restocking charge on all returns. Any returns after thirty (30) days and up to sixty (60) days will be issued a store credit minus the 20% restocking fee. There will be no returns accepted on electrical components that original packaging has been opened. Products containing a manufactures defect will be exchanged for the same part. Should the original part no longer be available, our standard refund policy will apply. There are no deposit refunds on custom orders.