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Berrien Buggy’s rear mid travel conversion kit. This kit is designed to convert standard IRS Volkswagen rear suspension to a true off-road rear suspension system. This kit provides 14″ of rear wheel travel. A minimum of changes is needed to install this unit in an existing Berrien Buggy frame equipped with a stock VW rear suspension. Welding is required to install the upper shock mount on the frame. Upper shock mounts vary and are
frame specific.

The kit consists of 3 subcomponents, they are; the “dual pivot conversion”, 2X3 trailing arms, and the upper shock mount kit. Shock/spring units are not included and should be purchased separately. 2″ X 12″ coil over shock units with remote reservoir are required, our part number is C986-KSPR2012-COHRS, for VW powered cars. Berrien frames with other engine or transmission combinations may require a different spring rate and/or shock valving.
The three components of the kit are:

C058-BB4501: Dual pivot conversion with rod ends. These units have an inner “stabilizer lug” which rides in a urethane knobby grommet located inside the torsion housing. This design stabilizes the unit and provides a solid mount for the 3/4″ spherical rod end of the connector link. The inner and outer plates place the mounting of the rod end/link in double shear for strength and stability. The swedged chrome moly connector link is black anodized and has 3/4″ X 3/4″ steel spherical rod ends. This link mounts to the trailing arm in double shear. By having a spherical rod end at each end of the connector link, the link is able to rotate as the swing arm moves through it’s arc of travel, eliminating any bind.

C986-AO504: A 2″ X 3″ chrome moly trailing arms. This super duty trailing arms are constructed with 1 1/4″ chrome moly tubing, then plated and gusseted to a third 1 1/4″ square central tube. The shock mounts are welded to the bearing carrier mount at the extreme outside end of the arm and again provide double shear mounting. The bearing carriers are steel and use standard Type 1 VW components. Mounting tabs for the connector link are welded to the front tube and provide double shear mounting.

C058-BB4502: Upper shock mount kit. The upper mounts which must be welded into the frame, consisting of the thru mounting tubes, the re-enforcement gussets, mounting bolts, nuts, and washers. Depending on Berrien Buggy chassis, mounting plates are also provided. Non Berrien frames can also use this conversion kit by using a universal version of the upper shock mount.

Installation of the kit is generally straight forward. First, the original VW torsion bars, spring plates, grommets, and pivot arms are removed from the torsion housing. The cast shock towers are cut off the torsion housing, and the cut area is ground smooth. Next, the dual pivot conversion is bolted into the modified stock housing using the urethane knobby grommet. The stub axles, bearings, and seals are installed in the bearing housing of the trailing arms. With new urethane pivot bushings installed in the pivot end of the arms, the arms are bolted into the existing stock pivot boxes (for extreme use we suggest gusseting the pivot boxes). The location of the upper shock mount is then determined (measurements included in the kit), and the mount is then fitted to the chassis and final welded. The installation of 20″ limit straps are highly recommended.

This kit offers you the ability to radically upgrade the rear suspension of your VW based buggy WITHOUT the need to build a completely new car or radically modify your existing frame. This kit is a reasonably priced upgrade that produces truly amazing results.


Full Kit Pivot Conversion Trailing Arms Shock Mount Kit
Complete Conversion Kit Dual pivot conversion with rod ends. 2″ X 3″ chrome moly trailing arms Upper shock mount kit.


C058-BB4501 C986-AO504 C058-BB4502


(Ball Joint to Link-Pin)

Berrien Buggy by Acme now offers a front beam assembly that allows the installation of a link/kingpin mid travel front suspension on a sand rail frame built for a ball joint front beam. This product allows you to install a sturdy link/king pin front end in your existing ball joint frame with NO WELDING!

Anyone with any knowledge of the of VW style front beams knows that the main tube spacing is different between a link pin front beam and a ball joint beam. The ball joint beam has wider vertical spacing between the main tubes to accommodate the wider spread between the trailing arms, needed to work with the ball joints. Because of this spacing difference, you cannot simply bolt the link pin beam in a ball joint frame.

Also, because of the spacing difference, you cannot simply use link pin arms in a ball joint beam, especially on an off-road suspension with longer travel. You end up with zero or negative caster. The top of the king pin leans forward. In this condition, the car is almost impossible to drive as it darts from side to side and is extremely dangerous.

The solution to the problem is to change the ratio between the upper and lower trailing arms. This ratio change causes the king pin to lean back and restore proper caster. While at rest the caster in our conversion beam is 3 to 4 degrees, as the suspension compresses caster increases causing the steering to become extremely stable. The added benefit of this increasing caster is easier steering under normal driving conditions.

After several prototypes were built we finally developed the current front beam assembly. Wheel travel is approximately 12” to 14”. We have tested the front end extensively in extreme off-road conditions, including large rock climbs, with no failures. We are now ready to offer our NO WELD solution for sale.

If you currently have a chassis built for a ball joint front end and want to increase your wheel travel, and the strength of your rail, we have the solution.

The conversion beam is available in +6” or +8” longer than stock widths to accommodate the large shock/coil spring units. It is available in the following configurations:

1. Beam with 1X2 forged trailing arms:

  • +6” (C058-BB4512C)
  • +8” (C058-BB4513C)
2. Beam complete spindle to spindle:
  • 1X2 trailing arms,
  • Urethane bushings
  • Thru rods & clamps
  • Standard spindles
  • Tie rods.
  • +6” (C058-BB4506C)
  • +8” (C058-bb4507C)
  • KING shock/spring units (C986-KSPR2008-COHRS)**

** These shock/spring units are rated for a VW powered car with a wheelbase of 95” to 105”.

Any other chassis configurations or engine combination would require units with different spring rates and different shock valving. A total car weight and corner weights would be necessary to determine the correct spring rate and shock valving.

Please also be aware that the beam is not sold separately. It is only available with our forged trailing arms.


+6″ Beam +8″ Beam King Shocks Full Kit


C058-BB4513C C986-KSPR2008-COHRS TBD



Berrien Buggy by Acme introduces a true “bolt in” solution to convert a sandrail built with a stock VW torsion type front suspension. It is designed to bolt into any frame designed to use the link/king pin front beam. There is no welding required to install this assembly which uses traditional coil over, shock/spring units for suspension. This front suspension works well with either stock style rear suspension or with our Mid Travel rear suspension conversion package.

The basic beam is manufactured using chrome moly main tubes and CNC plasma cut shock mounts. The unit is fully jig welded and comes standard with bracing as pictured. The beam is available as +6” or +8” over stock width. The extra width is necessary to accommodate the larger diameter of the shock/spring units. The beam is also designed to use as a minimum 1”X 2” forged trailing arms for link/king pin spindles. A stock VW steering box may be used or R&P mounts can be installed.

The beam is available in one of 2 levels of completion, in either width.

1. Beam only; fully welded but with no hardware.

  • C058-BB4510 (+6”)
  • C058-BB4511 (+8″)

2. Spindle to spindle; supplied with:

  • 1×2 trailing arms, urethane bushings,
  • thru rods& clamps, standard spindles, & tie rods.
  • C058-BB4508 (+6”) C058-BB4509 (+8”)
* To include the correct shock/spring units, add (2) C986-KSPR2008-COHRS


NOTE: The shock/spring units are rated for a VW powered car with a wheelbase of 95” to 105”. Any other chassis configuration or engine combination would require units with different spring rates and different shock valving. A total car weight and corner weights would be necessary to determine correct spring rate and shock valving.




+6″ Beam +8″ Beam King Shocks Full Kit
+6″ Beam +8″ Beam Shocks and Spring Units Complete Kit


C058-BB4511 C986-KSPR2008-COHRS TBD



Berrien Buggy by Acme offers an electric power steering unit suitable for installation in your buggy. Based on a General Motors SUV power steering unit, it converts manual steering into full power steering without the hassle of pumps, lines and reservoirs. The unit comes complete with the necessary parts to install in your buggy. The mounting bracket welds to a 1 1/2″ tube, the control ECU plate also welds to the tube. Electronics have been converted from Can-Buss to a standard electrical system. Feel can be adjusted with a gain knob.

The kit part number C986-BB1010 includes the following:

Steering unit
Steering mount bracket
3/4″ X 36 spline steering shaft coupler
3/4″ steering shaft with flange
3/4″ spherical rod end support
ECU mount
Controller box
Adjustment knob
Steering ECU
Output U-joint for 7/8″ steering shaft
Plug and play wire harness

Installation instructions
Installation is fairly straight forward; After location/orientation of the steering box is decided the main and ECU mounts are welded to the 1 1/2″ cross tube, making sure the ECU plate is close enough to the steering box for the harness to reach. The output U joint is installed onto the steering unit and a 7/8″ steering shaft is cut to length, then welded over the spud on the U-joint. The length of the steering input shaft is determined then the shaft is fed through the spherical rod and welded to the coupler. The wiring is installed per the instructions and the unit is ready to work.





Berrien Buggy by Acme sells the strongest trailing arms on the market today! Made from heavy-duty chromoly 1 1/4″ OD round and 1 1/2″ square tubing, they are designed with reliability in mind. Full-length 1/4″ plate gussets make these trailing arms near indestructible.  Designed to be used with stock VW-style components.  Shock mounts will need to be fabricated.

Custom Trailing Arms, pair Stock by Stock : C986-AO500

Stock x 1″ : C986-AO501

Stock x 2″ : C986-AO502

2″ x 2″ : C986-AO503

2″ x 3″ : C986-AO504

3″ x 3″ : C986-AO505


C058-BB502 (Transmount Not Included)

Berrien has an answer to those old, bent or rusted-out VW frame horns.  Cut them off, and replace them with our Tubular Frame Horn Kit.  Designed to fit any stock IRS, Late Swingaxle, or our 2 1/2″ Custom Torsion.  (Early Swingaxles requires a small amount of grinding the cope for a perfect fit.)  Kit includes (2) Frame Horns,(4)  Tube End Cap Gussets, and (2) 3/4″ Transaxle Mount Bolts.

Tubular Frame Horn Kit: C058-BB502

Labor to Install on any Custom Torsion: Call for Pricing.



C058-BB671 (Shown in Red)

Berrien’s Frame Horn Support Kits are used to strengthen the frame horns, by connecting them to the upper cage. Available only for Berrien produced chassis (please specify chassis when ordering).

*Pro Tip: These are included with all Berrien chassis, EXCEPT the Warrior and Cruiser Knockdown Kits.  But they are available on a replacement basis for other chassis as well.*

Frame Horn Support Kit: C058-BB671



C058-BB632                                                 C058-BB634

Berrien has two models of front bumper for your sandrail.  Both are available in stock width, or “Wide Track” +6″ width.

Our Single Bar Front Bumper mounts to the front beam of your chassis with the supplied hardware kit.  It is designed to fit around the nose of our 3-pc. Fiberglass Body, but is also suitable for use on any chassis.  Please specify Link/Kingpin or Balljoint.

Our Double-Bar Front Bumper welds to the upper arm rail at the front of your chassis, and to the lower front clamps. Please specify chassis model and Link/Kingpin or Balljoint.


Single-Bar Front Bumper: C058-BB632

Single-Bar Front Bumper, “Wide Track” +6″ Width: C058-BB633

Double-Bar Front Bumper: C058-BB634

Double-Bar Front Bumper, “Wide Track” +6″ Width: C058-BB635



C058-BB637                                               C058-BB638

Getting hung up on a tree can be a hassle, not to mention, a potential cost if your valuable suspension and driveline components are damaged in the process.  Treebars are the answer.  Designed to “funnel” trees and other obstructions away from your rear wheels, the treebars will also provide a convenient “step” to assist in entering and exiting your rail. Available in double-bend (one size fits all chassis), and triple-bend (specify chassis when ordering).  Sold separately, or can be installed when you order your chassis.


Double-Bend Treebars: C058-BB637

Labor to Install Double-Bend Treebars: Call for Pricing.

Triple-Bend Treebars: C058-BB638 (specify chassis)

Labor to Install Triple-Bend Treebars: Call for Pricing.



C058-BB639 (Front of Chassis Shown)        

When traveling over the dunes, even the most well-built chassis can experience some frame flex.  Our brace kits are designed to stiffen the front of the chassis, as well as add some upper roll cage reinforcement as well.  Please specify chassis model when ordering.




Chassis Brace Kit: C058-BB639

Chassis Brace Kit +6″ Width: C058-BB640

Labor to Install Brace Kit: Call for Pricing.



Adding a 2nd Rear Rollbar to your car can take it’s look, and it’s strength, to the next level.  Our Double Rear Rollbar Kits are TRUE side-to-side rollbars, not 3 piece rollbar “look-alikes”.  Please specify chassis model and cage height when ordering.

Double Rear Rollbar Kit: C058-BB641

Labor to Install Double Rear Rollbar Kit: Call for Pricing.



C058-BB673 (Kit Contents)                    C058-BB673 (Shown Installed on Warrior)

Going camping for the weekend? Need a place for all those coolers, sleeping bags, tents, etc.? The Pickup Style Rear Rollcage Kit converts your chassis’ rear rollcage into a “bed” for hauling gear, while giving the look of a pickup truck.  Specify chassis model and cage height when ordering. (Not available for Venture, Stalker or Stalker 2+2 Models).

*Pro Tip: I don’t recommend this kit for any kind of heavy off-road abuse. The strength of the roll cage slightly compromised by the use of this kit.


Pickup Style Rear Cage Kit (Cruiser/Encore only): C058-BB672

Labor to Install (Cruiser/Encore only): Call for Pricing.

Pickup Style Rear Cage Kit (All Other Chassis): C058-BB673

Labor to Install (All Other Chassis): Call for Pricing.

Pickup Style Rear Cage Kit (+6″ Width): C058-BB642

Labor to Install (+6″ Width): Call for Pricing.



C058-BB631 (For Warrior and Cruiser ONLY)

Damaged engine cages happen all the time. All it takes is a stray rock, tree, or sharp incline, plus a little speed, and your cage can get a bit twisted.  That’s why Berrien makes available replacement underbar kits for all our chassis.  Please specify chassis when ordering.

Underbar Kit, Bolt-On Lower Mount: C058-BB631 (Specify-Warrior or Cruiser only)

Underbar Kit, Slip-Fit Lower Mount: C058-BB631B (All Other Chassis-Specify Model)




Building a show buggy? Our heavy-duty polished aluminum floors are cut to the full-length of your chassis. Made from 3/16″ diamond tread plate, they are the perfect accent to your dream rail. Can be ordered separately (specify chassis), or installed on your chassis at the time of order.

Aluminum Tread Plate Floor: C058-BB630

Labor to Install (2 Seat Chassis Models): Call for Pricing.

Labor to Install (4 Seat Chassis Models): Call for Pricing.




Adding a fiberglass body can help protect you from the elements, and also give you a canvas to express your rail’s character.  Fabricating your own body panels can be a pain, so we did it for you!  Available only for Warrior, 295, 2100, and 4105. Your choice, solid colors or metalflake.

3-Piece Fiberglass Sandrail Body for Warrior/295, Solid Colors: C058-BB302

3-Piece Fiberglass Sandrail Body for Warrior/295, Metalflake Colors: C058-BB302A

3-Piece Fiberglass Sandrail Body for 2100/4105, Solid Colors: C058-BB303

3-Piece Fiberglass Sandrail Body for 2100/4105, Metalflake Colors: C058-BB303A

Available in your choice of 34 Gelcoat Colors:

-18 Metalflake Colors

-16 Solid Colors

Color representations are a close approximation. Actual product color may vary slightly.