Buggy Wagon – Tiny Fun!

Buggy Wagon

Who says grown-ups get to have all the buggy fun?  We are excited to add the Buggy Wagon to our line of products.  The wagon (as we call it) is a miniature-sized buggy that is perfect to replace that old red wagon.  We also have seen a few that have been modified remote-controlled cars, sleds, and even wall decorations.  What better wall art for a buggy enthusiast?

The wagon measures 35″ long by 20″ wide with inside dimensions of the floor area that are 12/5″ wide by 11″ long.  The bodies are available in Gel-coat, Metal Flake, and Special Metal Flake

*We currently do no offer frames, wheels, tow-bar, or other accessories.  You will have to you your own creative imagination!

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