Service Policies

Acme Car Company is a restoration and repair shop.  Due to the nature of the work involved, the following polices are in affect.  It is also important to understand that most times, we are dealing with vehicles and parts that are well past their creation date.  Unlike a traditional garage or repair shop, we must deal with a lot of unknown factors during a restoration or rebuild.  The following policies are in effect to protect the customer and their investment.

Car Restoration/Repair

Before any quote or estimate can be given, a thorough inspection of the vehicle must be done.   All vehicles will be put up on our lifts and a multi-point inspection will occur.  We will do our best to inspect any areas of the car that may be affected by the work we are going to perform.  It is important to keep in mind that in most cases, we are dealing with vehicles, parts, and workmanship that are well over 25 years old.  While it is not always possible to predict every issue we may run in to, our goal is to minimize those obstacles before work starts.   There are times when we do encounter situations that are unknown until the work has started.  We will do our best to inform you of these issues as soon as they are known.  All changes or additional work to be done which is outside the original work order will be sent to the customer via e-mail.  Work will not continue until Acme Car Company receives a reply.  Any vehicles that have production halted for more than 24 hours will be pulled from the repair line and held until a response is received.  If after notification, the customer chooses not to continue with the additional work, all repairs on the work order that is able to be completed will be done and the work order will be closed out and considered complete.  Once a work order is complete, all monies will be due and payable.  It is not our general policy to install parts purchased elsewhere.  In the event that we are completing a previously started job, we agree to install the parts that may come with that job.  In the event that the provided parts do not fit, or need to be modified, there will be additional labor charges incurred.  Once a job has started, we will not install parts purchased elsewhere.  The current rate for the inspection will be posted on the work order for your vehicle.  If you would like to proceed with the recommended work, the cost of the inspection will be applied to your work order.  If you choose not to have Acme Car Company proceed with the recommended work, you will simply be responsible for the inspection fee.

Engine Rebuilds/Work

All engine work will start with a mandatory compression test and a deposit.  This is to ensure that the engine is in proper working condition prior to Acme Car Company starting any repair or modification.  Once an engine has passed the compression test, repairs will begin as requested.  If an engine fails the compression test, the customer will be notified via e-mail of the results.  Acme Car Company’s policy is that any work on a failed engine must begin with an engine teardown, evaluation, and rebuild.  Should the customer decided to not proceed with the engine work, the fee for the compression test and inspection will be forfeited.  If the customer decided to move ahead with the work order, the inspection and compression test fee will be applied to the job total.

Core Exchange Policies

All fully welded chassis with torsion are priced to include the labor for torsion installation.   A stock torsion or customer supplied torsion is required.  The stock torsions we use are Type 1 (Beetle or Karman Ghia).

IMPORTANT:  Although we assume the majority of the torsions that we use came to us with stock pre-load on the torsion bars since we do not remove or replace spring plates, we are unable to know how much actual pre-load the torsion we give you will have.  You do, however, have the option to send us a torsion ahead of time & specify that we use it in your chassis.  If you choose to send us the torsion you want us to use in your chassis, we may not be able to begin production of the chassis for up to 4 weeks from when we receive the torsion.

Torsion Core Charge — The torsion core charge is $500.00 for IRS or Swing Axle

Core charges are refundable if we receive an acceptable core within 3 months and with a copy of the receipt.

Torsions not used & not acceptable for exchange are the Thing, Type 2 (Bus or Vanagon) & Type 3 (Fastback, Notchback or Squareback).

NOTICE -All exchange torsions must meet the following criteria:

  • Stock Torsions must be assembled. For stock torsions, we always use torsions that are assembled with the torsion bars, grommets, spring plates, and torsion end caps.  That is the way the torsions must be for exchange or for us to purchase.  We cannot take torsions that are not assembled, bent or obviously too rusted.
  • Same type as ordered on the chassis – Swing axle for Swing axle; IRS for IRS; early for early; late for late