Monthly Archive November 2018

BySystem Administrator

Well Nuts…

Since our purchase of the Berrien Buggy assets, and subsequently the assets of Colonial Fiberglass, we here at Acme have worked very hard to keep our pricing at it’s lowest possible levels. Led by Bob Bennetts’ efforts in bulk purchasing, price shopping, searching for cheaper or free shipping, as well as other efficiencies; we have managed to accomplish that. The addition of new machinery and bringing as much production “in house” as we could has also managed to keep the prices of our products constant. We have now however; reached the point where we have to say, “WELL NUTS”.
We have absorbed at least 4 price increases in the cost of materials in the fiberglass shop over the last year, hoping that costs would level out. They have not. We have received notice of yet more price increases in standard materials. Additionally, as we place our latest steel order we received shocking news. The price of the various steel (tubing through steel plate) has risen from 35% (square tubing) to 96% (flat plate in various thicknesses). Even though we are still buying in large bulk quantities, this is the reality we face.
WELL NUTS, We have no choice but to raise prices on all the products we produce. We are not happy about the need to do the price increases but have no choice. The new pricing will be effective on all products purchased or ordered beginning December 1, 2018.
We here at the Acme Companies appreciate all the customers who have purchased our products, and look forward to many more years of supplying dune buggy , sandrail, and fiberglass products for your use and pleasure. We ask for your understanding as our new pricing structure is implemented.
John Mickle