Can you give me more information on the brakes?

ByDan Mickle

Can you give me more information on the brakes?

The GTX uses a VW type ball joint front suspension. We recommend that an aftermarket disc brake conversion be installed or that a beam from a Karman Ghia be used as it is equipped with disc brakes. Front brake rotors drilled and tapped for either of the Cobalt/HHR wheel patterns are available from Berrien Buggy. A disc brake conversion kit in either wheel pattern is available for the VW ball joint front end.
At the rear, the entire Cobalt/HHR brake system is used. Tabs are welded onto the frame in order to use the original rubber brake lines from the wheel to the frame. The builder will have to fabricate steel brake lines from the VW dual circuit, a big bore master cylinder to the wheel lines.
The brake pedal is the original VW. A VW brake, a clutch is used, but the clutch pedal and shaft are removed, and only the brake pedal is used, including a VW master cylinder pushrod. A pedal stop is included with the GTX frame.

An emergency brake system is under development and should be available by late fall.

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