Can you go in to some detail on the fuel system?

ByDan Mickle

Can you go in to some detail on the fuel system?

The GTX uses a modified VW type-1 gas tank that is modified for buggy use.  On the top of the tank, the original fuel fill is blocked off and an external fill bung is welded to the tank, it then uses a marine-grade stainless steel fuel fill assembly.  On the bottom, the original fuel connection is removed and 2 steel bungs (1/4” NPT ) are welded into the tank, along with a 1 quart baffled sump.  A -6 fitting is inserted into the lower bung, which is then plumbed to a high-pressure electric fuel pump.  This pump must be capable of producing constant pressure of 40 lbs.  A -6 line is routed through the tunnel to the engine where a pressure regulator is mounted, along with a pressure gauge, then plumbed into the fuel rail.  In order for the fuel regulator to work properly, a -6 line is run through the tunnel back to the tank, into a -6 SAN fitting in the second bung in the tank.  A vent is needed to vent the fuel tank.

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